No generics in Golang, but...

August 28, 2014

Everyone knows that Go is a great language but that it does not support generics (yet?).

However in a language that supports first-class functions, generic types can be very handy. Fortunately, the gen package helps to fill this gap. Gen is a kind of macro tool that generate new structs from your models, with collections-like functions to filter, sort, group, iterate over your data.

You just need to add a +gen annotation comment on your models :

// +gen
type Message struct {
	author, text string

Then, after running go get, you will be able to generate some Go code with the gen command. Finally, the new generated types can be used as follow, for example to filter a list of messages :

func main() {

	messages := make(Messages, 3)
	messages[0] = Message{"loic", "hi"}
	messages[1] = Message{"loic", "hello"}
	messages[2] = Message{"bob", "hi"}

	myMessages := messages.Where(func(m Message) bool {
		return == "loic"

	for _, message := range myMessages {
		fmt.Printf("author : %s - message : %s \n",, message.text)


It only remains to integrate the generation step in your build tool.

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