Smart function application in Scala using currying and pipe operator

July 29, 2018

First, let’s define a pipe operator to chain functions :

def f(l: List[Int]) = l.filter(x => x >1)
def g(l: List[Int]) = l.filter(x => x <3)

// apply f then g
List(1,2,3) |> f |> g 
//result : List(2)

Now, let’s define a filter function, taking predicates for a type T in a first parameter block and a list of T in a second parameter block :

def filterByField[T](selectField: Item => T, predicates: Set[String])(items: List[Item]) = {
  items.filter { item =>
    predicates.exists(included => selectField(item).toString.matches(included))

With the pipe operator, it’s now really easy to chain such functions in a very readable way :

val items: List[Item] = ???

val filteredItems = items |>
  filterByField(, nameFilters) |>
  filterByField(_.value, valueFilters) // chain as many filters as you want...

Here is an implementation for |> (found on Reddit) :

implicit class AnyEx[T](val v: T) extends AnyVal {
  def |>[U](f: T  U): U = f(v)
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